Radio-Controlled (MSF) Clock

Setting up Radio-controlled (MSF) clock

Radio-controlled (msf) clock
  1. Insert a new AA battery.
  2. Press Reset button at the back of the clock, the clock hands will go clockwise and it will automatically set itself to the correct local time.

Well, in theory, it should have been that simple, but – alas! – the radio-controlled clock I bought from Amazon had no set up instructions, so I never got it to work properly but, rather than bother to return it, I left it in its box for several years, stored somewhere in the house and long forgotten, until one day, my husband found it whilst de-cluttering and placed it by the recycling bin.  Luckily, I found it before the bins were collected and I had another go to see if I could make it work before ditching it.

Back of Radio-Controlled clock

This clock seems to be set to the Pacific Time zone and it automatically stops at 4 o’clock instead of 12 o’clock by default.  No matter which buttons I pressed, after referring to the various setup instructions I found on the internet, I could not get it to set to 12 and get to the correct time in UK.  The back of the clock only has three buttons – Set, Reset and Wave – unlike other radio clocks which have buttons for the different Time Zones.  After several attempts (and hours!) of trying, I finally got it to work (hooray!!).  Below I explain how I did it.

How to manually adjust the Radio-controlled (MSF) clock from default 4 to 12 o’clock

  1. Remove the battery.
  2. Remove the casing of the clock so you can manually adjust the hands.
  3. Locate the small hole at the back of the clock, using a pin, place it in the hole, press the pin, keep it pressed whilst turning the hands (hour and minutes) of the clock to the 12 position, then release the pin.
  4. Insert the battery.  The clock will rotate fully and should stop at 12. 
  5. If step 4 works (sometimes you have to do steps 1-3 again if it doesn’t stop at 12), press the Reset button.  The hands will rotate and will stop at the correct local time.

In the end, ITWorksFine!

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