How to stop unwanted advertisement or content appearing on your Facebook page

You cannot entirely block or turn off sponsored advertisements on Facebook. The ads that
appears on your page depends entirely on what content you and your friends interact with.
This means that frequent liking, commenting or posting on a close friend’s timeline or Page
will drive more content from that account to your feed. Facebook gives you the option to limit
or hide unwanted advertisement content from a person, Page or Group.

To limit unwanted ads appearing on your timeline.

1. Click the down arrow   at the top corner of the sponsored ads

2. Click ‘Hide advert‘   

3.  On the ‘Why don’t you want to see this?’ choose the relevant option 
Three ways of reducing unwanted content. First, click the down arrow at the top right corner
of the post and select one of the following three options:-

1. Hide post – this hides a specific post and prompts Facebook to limit content from that

2. Unfollow – this is a subtle way of removing a friend from your News Feed without
unfriendling. You can also unfollow a profile or page by visiting the account, hover your
mouse to Following, select Unfollow or Unfollow this Page.

3. Report post – malicious or offensive content that do not abide by Facebook’s community
standards can be reported.

Popular News Feeds content

Facebook by default, flashes the most popular content based on Top Stories on your News Feed.
To browse more post:-

1. click Home at the top of Facebook
2. click on the three dots  next to News Feed on the left near top column
3. select Most Recent.
This will display content from your friends according to the time they were posted, the most recent appearing on the top. By default, Facebook constantly reverts to Top Stories mode.

Try the above tips and see if your Facebook experience improves.

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