How I fixed my Samsung TV that took ages to turn on

Our Samsung TV takes ages to turn on, about 10-15 minutes, sometimes longer, very frustrating! I searched the internet for similar issue and found out that this is a common fault on Samsung TV, that it could be due to bad capacitors. I was actually thinking that rather than spend money on getting someone to repair it, it’ll probably be better to buy a new one since our TV is over 7 years old and out of warranty. However, being an IT engineer, I decided to put my screw driver to work and had a go at investigating and fixing it myself first and see how it goes. After opening the tv back panel, I discovered 4 buldging capacitors – the culprits!

Tools I used are as follows:-
1. screw driver – philips head
2. soldering iron – I don’t have this on my toolbox so I bought a new 6-in-1 kit from Amazon which includes cleaning sponge, solder, iron stand, solder sucker
3. solder wire – included in the above kit
4. new capacitors, the same voltage as the existing ones

Prior to starting work, make sure you power off and unplug your tv from the mains. Leave it for at least 24 hours to fully discharge power to avoid electric shock whilst working. Take pictures of back connectors and circuit board; this is useful so you know where to put things back together again.

I bought new replacement capacitors from Maplin Electronics. You can also get them from Amazon or other electronic shop. The replacements I used are 25v 1000uf; the original is 820uf, but they said higher uf should work so we’ll see how it goes, cost .49p each, I needed 4 so it cost less than £2.

Ensure that you place the TV on a flat surface face down. Unscrew and remove the back cover.

Check the circuit board for bad/buldging capacitors, carefully remove the jumpers/cables attached to the board and unscrew the circuit board.

Unsolder and remove the bad capacitors. Carefully solder the new ones (ensuring that the negative side is correctly positioned on the board), trim off any excess cap metal connectors at the back of the circuit board. Screw the board back, re-attach all the jumpers/cables, put the cover back and all the tv connectors, aerial and power cable. Switch on, the TV should now turn on as quickly as it did when new. It really worked fine, you can see the video on how I did it below.

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