There’s a new tech gadget in town – Amazon Locker in Morden Library.  Amazon Locker provides a self-service delivery location from which to pick up your Amazon parcels.  Instead of having a parcel delivered to your home or business address, you can choose to have your parcel delivered to Morden Library Amazon Locker and pick it up at a time that’s convenient for you so long as the library is open. Amazon Lockers are also available in certain locations around the country so you can select the location that’s nearest to you.  Once your parcel is delivered to an Amazon Locker, you’ll receive an e-mail notification with a unique pickup code and the address and opening times for your selected Locker.

The Amazon Locker at Morden Library is located on the ground floor; as you go inside, you can’t miss it – it’s the big yellow box just by the lifts.    You will need to enter your unique pickup code on the locker screen or, if you have a barcode, scan it using the scanner located just below the screen, then follow the on-screen instructions.   The Locker has compartment sizes that can fit most packages, so once the code is correctly entered, one of the compartment doors will open and you can then collect your parcel.

All parcels delivered to Amazon Locker locations must be picked up within 3 working days.  If you are not able to collect your parcel within this timeframe, it will be returned to Amazon and you will receive a refund.

Whist you are in the library, you may want to borrow some books, CDs or DVDs; use the library computers; check out the notice board for local news and events, and even have a cuppa in the café located on the first floor.

So that’s Amazon Locker at Morden Library.

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This only happens if you are using IMAP server for your email, it’s not an issue on POP mailboxes.  This error appears on iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads when you try to delete or move email.  To fix this, follow the below procedure:-

  1.    Tap Settings
  2. Scroll down and click “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”mailcontactscalendar
  3. Select your email account and tap
  4. On the “Account”, tap the email address, scroll down then tap “Advanced”
  5. Under “INCOMING SETTINGS”, tap “IMAP Path Prefix”, at the end of the line, replace / and type INBOX (in capital letters)
  6. At the top left, tap ‘Accounts’ then ‘Done’ twice to close the settings
  7. On your device, press the Home button, then re-open Mail
  8. You will now be able to delete or move your emails on your iPhone or iPad.

Clip-on microphone for smartphone and laptop, see video review on

Here are some of the most useful Windows program key combination:-

CTRL+A: Select all items in a document or window
CTRL+C: Copy
CTRL+V: Paste
CTRL+Z: Undo
CTRL+B: Bold
CTRL+U: Underline
CTRL+I: Italic
CTRL+P: Print

Windows system keys and combinations:-

F1: Help
F2: Rename selected file or folder item
F3: Search for a file or folder
F4: Display the address bar list in windows explorer
F5 (or CTRL+R): Refresh the active window
F6: move or toggle cursor in a window or on desktop
F7: spell check or grammar check in Microsoft program such as Word, spreadsheet, outlook etc
F8: commonly used to access windows safe mode or enter windows startup menu
F9: refresh document in MS Word; reduce screen brightness (on some laptops)
F10: activates windows menu bar in an open application
F11: enter and exit full screen mode on modern internet browsers
F12: open the Save as window in Microsoft Word; open Firebug or browser debug tool

CTRL+ESC: Open Start menu
ALT+TAB: Switch between open programs
ALT+F4: Quit program
SHIFT+DELETE: Delete item permanently
Windows Logo+L: Lock the computer (without using CTRL+ALT+DELETE)

For full list of keyboard shortcuts for Windows, go to Microsoft

Have you ever noticed on your iPhone that when you send messages, some are in green and some in blue? Some of you may already know this but for those who are curious, here is why:-

iphone_greenGreen is for SMS (short messaging service) text Message.
This is the ‘traditional’ text message that is automatically used when sending a text to someone without an Apple device, for example if you are sending message to any smartphone other than iPhone (such as Windows, Android, Blackberry). Regular texting rates apply depending on your phone provider’s texting plan.

iphone_blueBlue is for iMessage.
This works only on iDevices. The iMessage is sent over an internet connection. There are no text charges by your phone provider but a small amount of data is used when your iPhone is not connected to a WiFi network.

This is all done automatically if an iMessage is activated in your iPhone as well the recipient’s iPhone (Tap Settings, Messages, then check to see if the feature is switched on.  If it is, you should also activate “Send as SMS”)

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