Car Dash Camera, unboxing and review

I know it’s been a while since my last post, life’s got in the way, as always!

To get the momentum going, I recently published a couple of new YouTube videos about car dash camera unboxing and review.

Link to unboxing is

Link to the review is

Below is the transcript of Part 2 video:-

“Hello and welcome to Part 2 of my review of the car dash camera I bought from Amazon.  Hopefully, you’ve seen the first part of my video showing you what’s in the box.  There are a lot of car cameras for sale out there and it could be difficult deciding which one’s to choose.  i just want a simple dash cam so that, in the event of an incident, I have video captured evidence of what happened. Having seen several reviews, I bought an inexpensive forward facing camera.    An SD card  was not included so I went to my trusted local electronic store, bought and inserted a 32gb micro sd card which should hold up to 5 hours of video footage.

As you can see, I now have my camera in place.

It has an automatic start and stop, so  Once you plug it in to the power supply in you car, every time your car engine starts, the camera starts immediately and starts recording, when you turn the engine off, the camera disconnects from the power supply and camera stops recording.  It also has a feature which allows you to set so that after 3 minutes of starting, the display screen will turn off, this avoids distraction from driving, but the recording still continues.

I had this running for a few months now, and once I was driving along a motorway at night, I was forced to swerve to avoid cones being thrown down in front of me from a lorry by workmen who swore at me when I protested about this dangerous practice, they’re horrible and I was so socked, thankfully the camera worked as it should, captured the incident so I was able to send my footage to the highway authority and secured an apology. This proved the camera worked well even in low light.

The recording loops the video round, meaning you don’t have to keep changing the SD card, it rewrites over the memory card that’s inside the camera.  The way it does this is that the camera records in segments, you can set this up from the settings of the camera, there is an options to set it for either 5 or 10 minutes segments; it records in segments until it’s full, once its full, it will over writes and deletes the old 5 mins segments and so on,  so it always got the last segments recording in it.

Overall I’m fairly happy with this little gizmo, it works fine for me.

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Link to the review is